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Wall Insulation

Whether your home is finished or unfinished, it’s never too late to add more wall insulation for consistent temperature control and maximized energy savings. The Modern Pros are experienced Michigan Insulation Contractors. We use injection foam and spray insulation for the most effective solutions in commercial and residential construction and established buildings.

Types of Wall Insulation

  • Foam wall insulation: Closed walls are typically treated with tripolymer injection foam wall insulation. This is one of the safest and longest-lasting options available, while also being eco-friendly. The open-cell foam insulates but does not expand and tripolymer can be injected into a variety of finished home walls.
  • Spray foam insulation: New construction with unfinished walls and ceilings, an attic, and a crawlspace is usually treated with Demilec Heatlok Soy 200 Spray Foam insulation. High-performing and versatile, this product works in both commercial and residential construction. Another open-cell insulation, spray foam is sprayed onto the material it will insulate then expands as it dries to create a more robust barrier.
Wall Insulation - Types of Insulation Modern Pros
Wall Insulation - Insulation Process

The Wall Insulation Process

When you work with The Modern Pros, you can expect impeccable, thorough service that looks like this:

  • Inspection: Your pro will inspect your home carefully to identify any air leaks.
  • Evaluation: Existing wall insulation is evaluated to determine what type of insulation you need.
  • Sealing: All air leaks are sealed with foam, caulk, or weather stripping.
  • Insulation: The existing insulation is added to or changed. For new construction, the wall insulation of choice is put in place.

Why Upgraded Wall Insulation Is Eco-Friendly

When you are seeking to green your house beyond solar panels or solar water heating, look no further than quality insulation.

  • Maintain temperature: Wall insulation affects a home’s temperature and, when balanced, helps increase warmth in winter and maintain cool in summer.
  • Improve energy efficiency: Upgrading or adding wall insulation means a well-insulated home that benefits even more from all other energy-efficient measures.
  • Boost air quality: Robust wall insulation increases indoor air quality by stopping dust and other pollutants from entering the home.
  • Keep a healthy home: Well-done insulation resists mold and mildew growth, which minimizes irritants especially for people who suffer with allergies, asthma, or other breathing problems.


Wall Insulation - Eco-friendly insulation

Improve Your Home with Upgraded Insulation

There are many unseen ways to improve the value and operation of your home. Wall insulation is one of them. The benefits of upgrading your insulation are many:

  • Preserve the life of your HVAC unit
  • Improve heating and cooling efficiency
  • Form a noise barrier
  • Save energy
  • Decrease utility costs
  • Have better humidity control
  • Minimize exterior problems
  • Increase interior comfort

Choose Michigan Insulation Contractors for Your Home

Whether you live in an older home or a modern build, most homes in the nation do not have enough insulation. Leaks and holes can make it feel like a window or door is open, when it’s really a gap in the quality and quantity of insulation. Most homes can experience a major difference in feel and function with a simple wall insulation upgrade. Adding to your existing insulation is an investment in weatherizing your home year-round. Cost-effective and a boost to comfort, additional wall insulation that is customized for your square footage will make all the difference in how you live. Rely on The Modern Pros to recommend the right insulation for your property. The energy-saving products and quality wall insulation we use will give you a space that always feels cozy, warm enough, cool, enough, and just right. Contact us to discuss your wall insulation questions and concerns.
Wall Insulation - Modern Pros for your insulation needs
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