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Attic Insulation

To keep your home’s temperature just right all year long and to maximize energy savings, talk to The Modern Pros about insulation for your attic. We are an experienced Michigan Insulation Contractor and use only the best blown-in cellulose insulation for open access attics and attic walls.

Go Green by Improving Attic Insulation

Home energy efficiency can be addressed in many ways, and checking your  insulation is the first step to going green. The top of your home is most affected by weather and roof conditions, setting the stage for the rest of your home’s temperature. Inside, you can do your part to increase warmth in winter and maintain cool in summer by adding insulation.

By checking the insulation in your attic, you take the step to maximize natural resources. When this step is complete, you can be sure that you won’t be wasting energy by investing in solar panels, solar water heating, or other sources of green energy.

A poorly insulated home will not benefit from any measures to improve energy needs, but a well-insulated home can reap all the rewards. Here is what you can expect from an  insulation contractor:

  • Inspect: Air leaks in the attic are identified. Existing attic insulation is evaluated and options are discussed.
  • Seal: Air leaks are carefully sealed using caulk, spray foam, or weather stripping.
  • Insulate: Existing insulation is added to, changed out, or new construction can get their preferred blown-in insulation.
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Attic Insulation

Benefits of Better Attic Insulation

When you work with an expert to ensure that your attic has the right amount and type of insulation, you stop your HVAC from working overtime and extend its life span, form a noise barrier, and improving heating and cooling evenness and efficiency. Here are some of the other big benefits of attic insulation:

  • Improved air quality: The surface of your insulation is responsible for preventing dust and other pollutants from entering the home, which allows for a higher quality of indoor air. The right kind of insulation also resists mold and mildew growth, minimizing irritants for people who suffer with asthma or allergies.
  • Save money: When air leaks through your attic, energy is wasted and utility costs increase because you have to increase the heat or AC in your home. When attics are sealed properly and populated with the right amount of insulation, you’ll feel a difference in your home, see a drop in your utility bills, and improve energy efficiency.
  • Increase comfort: If your home is not naturally a comfortable temperature,  insulation could be to blame. Fresh insulation can reduce outside noise, deliver better humidity control, and minimize ice dams and other roof problems.

Rely on Expert Attic Insulation Contractors for Your Home

Most homes in the United States don’t have enough insulation – even new builds. They suffer from air leaks and holes that act as though a window is always open in your home. Simply enough, most homes can benefit from more or improved insulation for their attic. Consider this investment in your space a measure of weatherizing. Insulation is a cost-effective way to improve comfort and keep your space feeling temperate all year round. Whether you’re involved in new construction or living in a century-old home, allow The Modern Pros to recommend the best insulation material for your property. We use Applegate’s quality, energy-saving products and deliver premiere cellulose insulation to homeowners. Contact us today to discuss your concerns about your home, your attic, and whether you need insulation to improve the energy efficiency of your space.
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