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Home window tinting typically takes the form of a thin film applied to the inside of a window. Light and heat are blocked out using films of various tints and colors that are installed to work discreetly or brighten a space. At The Modern Pros in Southeast Michigan, we offer this cosmetic and functional upgrade for your home so you can get the feel you want in your space without losing light or the view.


Home window tinting can be a DIY project. You can visit your local home improvement store and stock up on the patterns or colors of window film that suits your aesthetic. However, buying and installing are two different matters. Window tinting is only as effective as its installation and if you make a mistake, you won’t reap the rewards of this home improvement.

Rely on a professional to install home window tinting and their expertise in:

  • Multiple tint levels: There are many tint options for windows and the right choice depends on the direction in which your windows face and your preference for how much light is blocked.
  • Decorative options: Window film can be applied to any of your home windows for a functional or aesthetic purpose. The colors, patterns, and textures available for home window tinting makes this addition to your home another important design choice.
  • Impeccable results: There is plenty of user error possible when attempting to install your own window film. Your vision and the results may not necessarily gel. Rely on an expert home window tinting installer to make the recommendations best for your home, budget, and overall desired look.
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Modern window films are nearly invisible and, when professionally installed, do not bubble up or look unappealing and noticeable. You can think of them as designer sunglasses for your home windows – they look great or simply fade into the appearance of your space while offering so many benefits:


Reduce energy costs

The transfer of energy in or out of your home is reduced with the expert installation of home window tinting. This enhancement lowers energy bills for both heating and cooling your home.


Provide UV protection

High-quality, solar window film, when properly installed, can block most harmful UV rays so you don’t have to worry about your family’s sun exposure in your own home.


Prevent fading of furniture fabric

The sun’s rays are powerful and when they come in your windows in the same place day after day, they will begin to bleach whatever is in their path, including furniture, carpet, and hardwood floors. Window tints stop the damage.


Reduce glare

If the enjoyment of your space is compromised because of a regular glare that gets in your eyes or hits the television or computer screen, window film can stop the problem in its tracks.


Improve security

If an intruder wants to get in your home, they’ll find a way, but window film is an excellent first line of defense. Specialized film can strengthen your windows and hold shattered glass in place if someone tries to break it.


Increase privacy

Dislike the sidelights on either side of your front door allowing visitors to peek into your home? Home window tinting with the right shading or a decorative pattern lets the light through and lets you see out but obscures a person’s unwanted view into your home.



Home window tinting is a cost-efficient alternative to energy-efficient windows. The Modern Pros uses XPEL window film and Performance Tint to complete commercial and residential jobs with the highest grade products and service. Schedule a consultation with the experts at The Modern Pros to discuss the window tint options for your home or office.