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When you need asbestos removal in your home or commercial building, the easiest, safest choice is to turn to professionals who have the equipment, knowledge, and experience to deliver specialized service and remediation with care and precision. Contact The Modern Pros in Southeast Michigan to discuss your circumstances.


Just because a substance is naturally occurring like asbestos, that does not mean it’s safe for humans. Inhalation of asbestos fibers can cause serious health side effects such as mesothelioma and lung cancer.

While there is no known safe level of asbestos exposure for humans, the fibers must be airborne and inhaled to cause health risks. Even though your first instinct upon discovering asbestos in a structure may be to rip it out, the smartest first move is to reach out to an asbestos removal and abatement expert.

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Asbestos was once a common component of building materials, prized for its properties, and it can still be found in many places, including:


Floor tile

During the removal of old linoleum or vinyl flooring, restorers may see black adhesive smears between the floor tiles and subfloor. These streaks are likely to be black mastic, a once-common but now-discontinued building product that often contains asbestos.



Asbestos-contaminated vermiculite insulation looks like small pebbles which are usually grayish or silver-gold in color. This material is often found between attic joists.


Building materials

Boards, pipes, siding, gutter systems, and HVAC ducts used in home construction were once laden with asbestos-cement transite, popular for its durability and heat-resistant properties.


Pipe wrap

Asbestos pipe wraps protected against corrosion and abrasion in the joints of pipe systems, while also providing strong insulation and warding off freezing and the spread of fires.


Octopus furnace

An octopus furnace is an old, complex machine that does not use a blower fan to move heated air around. This type of furnace is most likely to contain asbestos insulation around its multiple arms of ductwork.


Asbestos is one of those substances that when you hear about it, you want to know immediately where it is so you can stay far away from it. When the material shows up in the space you live or work in, however, you’re in the position of figuring out how to make the area safe for all inhabitants as quickly as possible – and that only happens through the help of an expertise who has the right knowledge, tools, and speed to get the job done. If you suspect that your home has asbestos – whether in ceilings, floors, roof, walls, siding, insulation, HVAC systems, pipes, ductwork, or otherwise – contact The Modern Pros and get the guidance you need about the logistics, cost, and consequences of asbestos removal. Trust in the proper handling of this dangerous material and the careful removal and disposal of asbestos. Improper removal could result in the tiny, hazardous fibers being released into the air and causing respiratory illnesses and other health conditions. Have your home or office inspected for asbestos before remodeling projects of any size. Schedule an appointment with The Modern Pros

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Experiencing contractor anxiety? Tired of flaky, high-pressure salespeople or workers that don’t show up? Save the hassle, call The Pros.