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Home improvement projects come in many shapes and sizes. At The Modern Pros, we specialize in roofing, siding, insulation, gutters, painting, and overall home improvement. Based in Livonia, Michigan, we are proud to deliver the highest-quality outdoor and indoor upgrades for homeowners, businesses, realtors, government agencies, and more.

Beyond Roofing and Siding: Comprehensive Home Improvement

The Modern Pros are known as roofing and siding specialists. We are proud to see our work spread throughout the Livonia area and surrounding towns, but we specialize in more than just these two major home features. Our company is the superior choice for many other home improvement projects, including:

  • Custom decks
  • Overhangs
  • Window replacement
  • Home window tinting
  • Gutters
  • Gutter guards

Our expert installers are also experienced in asbestos removal, an essential ability particularly when someone when home improvement measures are sought for an older home or business.
We work to create a space that is beautiful and long-lasting,
and one that is safe and free from any health threats.

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Experiencing contractor anxiety? Tired of flaky, high-pressure salespeople or workers that don’t show up? Save the hassle, call The Pros.

Timeline of a Home Improvement Project

Once you have said yes to a home improvement project with The Modern Pros, a timeline is developed so you know exactly what to expect from the job process. We will carry out the work, inside or outside, with as little interference in your daily life as possible. Here is what to expect:


Rescission period

Once the contract is signed, the paperwork is processed and forwarded to your project manager.


Start date

The project manager contacts you with a tentative start date and any instructions regarding home access during the project.



The project is started and completed as quickly as possible, weather permitting. This also includes meticulous clean-up.


Field time

A few weeks may pass while materials are ordered and delivered, measurements are taken, and the project is finalized. The project manager stays in touch and is available to discuss the work before it begins.



No large job is complete without a final inspection done by an expert, separate from the installation crew.

The Home Improvement Company You Can Trust

Hiring a home improvement company should be an easy choice, not one that makes you worry about who you’re working with. The Modern Pros are dedicated to customers and your unique needs and we maintain quality and honesty above all else.

  • Use the best materials: To deliver the best work, it’s necessary to use the best materials. We rely on established brands such as CertainTeed, PlyGem, Sherwin-Williams, and Tripolymer.
  • Respect customers: We maintain an honest and open dialogue about all aspects of the project, from timeline to availability to the experience of contractors and installers.
  • Offer a fair price: Our prices reflect the home improvement market averages. Material and labor costs are transparently presented so you know exactly what you’re paying for at every turn.
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Our goal is to develop a project that suits your home improvement budget and needs in style, color, materials, and more. We look forward to helping you achieve the aesthetic vision you have for your space.

Contact The Modern Pros today to schedule an estimate and find out what’s possible for your home improvement dreams.