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Storm Damage



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Storm Damage

No one ever described Mother Nature as gentle. If you are on the unlucky receiving end of incredibly destructive weather in any season of the year, your roof or siding could suffer greatly and create a need for quick repairs. If you find yourself with serious storm damage, contact The Modern Pros. Our experienced roofers and contractors serve the Detroit area.

Types of Seasonal STorm Damage

When weather goes to extremes, it’s impossible to control the fallout. All you can do is have a game plan to tend to your home and property as quickly as possible to prevent further damage and disaster from befalling you.

  • Wind: Summer and winter often bring heavy winds with their season-specific storms, which can tear shingles from your roof and leave the underlayment and other materials exposes to the elements. If you’re fortunate enough for the shingles to stay intact, gusts can curl and lift shingles, break seals, and leave the roof vulnerable.
  • Hail: Hailstones might not rain down for very long, but when they do they can be large and powerful enough to loosen shingles, their granules, or dent shingles. This driving storm, even if it doesn’t cause damage that requires repairs, could cause dents all over your roof and home that minimize curb appeal.
  • Debris: Sometimes, storms don’t hit your home directly, but they hit the trees right beside you or objects that aren’t secured down. Flying items can slam into your roof, dent or dislodge shingles, and leave your home vulnerable to moisture, all because of moving limbs, outdoor furniture, or other airborne items.
  • Water: When a storm comes through but your gutters never drain, standing gutter water can wreak havoc. Rainwater can back up under the shingles, penetrate lower layers of the roof deck, and lead to other clogs, leaks, mold, and weakened areas, ripe for pests and more weather damage.
  • Snow: Michigan is no stranger to snow, and the white stuff can build up on a roof and lead to ice dams, roof leaks, and other roof damage like damaged shingles or skylights.

While most roofing and siding materials are designed to handle weather up to 100 miles per hour, there are always extreme weather conditions that win against anything. Siding can suffer dents, breaks, tears, and weakness, while shingles can be torn, discolored, or ripped off and expose the foundational roofing layer.

Types of Seasonal Storm Damage - TheModern Pros
Storm Damage Repairs - The Modern Pros Can Repair Your Damaged HOme

Storm Damage Repairs

For some homeowners, storm damage creates an emergency that requires immediate attention. Others can wait a little longer to have their problems addressed. Either way, it’s important to contact a storm damage expert for an inspection and mitigation. Dealing with smaller problems now prevents them from growing out of control and into costly, serious issues in just a few weeks or months.

Storm damage repairs can include:

  • Shingle replacement
  • Underlayment repair
  • Stopping attic leaks
  • Removing gutter clogs
  • Replacing siding

Get Storm Damage Help in the Detroit Area

Roof damage is not always visible from the ground, and siding problems that seem minor could be a bigger issue than you realize. Instead of trying to analyze your home’s condition on your own after a storm, rely on a roofing contractor and siding expert who has the tools and experience to survey the exterior of your home and get on your roof to really inspect the area. Even if storm damage is obvious, you need someone to help you manage what’s going on with your home before it has a chance to get worse. Contact The Modern Pros to schedule an estimate of your property and projects.
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