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Michigan Roofing Specialist

There are roofers and then there are Michigan roofing specialists. No matter what’s going on with the top of your home or office, always rely on the experienced specialists who know how to handle problems large and small with efficiency and effectiveness. The Modern Pros are established as the Detroit roofers who get the work done the right way, so you feel good about repairs, restorations, replacement, maintenance, and more.

Jobs Done by Michigan Roofing Specialists

A roofing specialist knows their product and delivers when it comes to everything roof-related. Some of the most common jobs done by Michigan roofing specialists include:

  • New roof installation: From shingles to underlayment to ventilation, every piece of roof installation is covered by a roofing specialist to ensure your home’s covering is strong, secure, and aesthetically on point.
  • Roof inspection: It’s a good idea to have the quality of your roof reviewed regularly by a Michigan roofing specialist who recognizes problems and fixes them before they get worse.
  • Roof maintenance: Annual roof maintenance of curled or loose shingles and damaged gutters helps a roof last longer so replacement can be held off as long as possible.
  • Roof repairs: Whether it’s a fallen limb or a few looks shingles, whatever isn’t going right on your roof can be repaired quickly and effectively by a knowledgeable roofing expert.
  • Roof replacement: When your roof has seen its last days, a roof replacement is necessary to keep your home protected and stop leaks or pest invasions before they happen.
  • Emergency repair: Michigan weather can sometimes be unkind. Your Michigan roofing specialist responds to emergency calls and delivers when it comes to managing damage from wind, rain, snow, or falling trees and limbs.

Differences Between a Roofing Specialist and a Roofer

When you have any concerns about your roof, working with a Michigan roofing specialist ensures that you get quality work every time instead of guesswork. A pro delivers so you can feel confident about the investment you’re making with their team:

  • No cutting corners
  • Only high-quality materials
  • Straightforward communication
  • Respectful behavior
  • Honest work
  • Fair pricing

A roofer may be a competent handyman who knows how to install a roof in theory, but thoroughness, pricing, and quality of work can be sacrificed if you work with anyone other than a roofing specialist. Rely on someone who doesn’t cut corners and devotes as much time as necessary to your project so you get the best results that last the longest time.

Additional Services from Your Michigan Roofing Specialist

At The Modern Pros, we not only deliver when it comes to roofing, but also when it comes to all the roofing counterparts for the exterior of your home, including:
  • Siding: From siding repairs to vinyl siding installation.
  • Gutters: From gutter installation to gutter guards.
  • Insulation: Reinforce attics and walls for year-round temperature control.
  • Painting: From interior and exterior painting to commercial painting to decks and finishes.
We are professionals who deliver only the best work using the finest materials and staying within a budget that suits your financial goals and homeowner preferences. We work within the promised timeline and clean up thoroughly, so you’ll never know we were on your property. Our Livonia-based Michigan roofing specialists are relied upon by homeowners year after year. We are proud of our success and have dedicated ourselves to delivering only the finest work every day. We licensed builders, roofing specialists, and home improvement contractors for homeowners, businesses, government agencies, realtors, builders, and more. Contact us to schedule a consultation with our professional and knowledgeable pros.
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