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Roof Maintenance

Every homeowner wants their roof to last as long as possible. This major part of your home is a significant investment, and it’s important to put in time and effort for annual roof maintenance to avoid or at least stop problems before they have an opportunity to grow and do serious damage to the exterior or interior of your home. At The Modern Pros, we offer timely roof maintenance to homeowners in the Detroit area.

Seasonal Roof Maintence Checklist

Seasonal roof repairs are important for every homeowner, but especially those who have aging roofs and live in areas that experience severe weather, including snow, high winds, or heavy rains. There are certain times of the year that are far more demanding than others when it comes to storms or debris. Here is the kind of roof maintenance to tend to each season:

  • Winter: It may seem like winter is the time to ignore your roof and simply let it do its job, but heavy snow buildup needs to be lifted off professionally if you can’t reach it safely yourself. This is also the time to check for sagging shingles and clear away debris before a snowstorm.
  • Spring: As snow disappears and rain falls, spring is a great time of year to have gutters cleaned, look for mold or algae, and inspect shingles, having them replaced where necessary.
  • Summer: The sun works hard all day long, especially in the summer, which makes this time of year ideal to inspect your roof for holes or dents where creatures can invade. Check too for the quality of attic ventilation and any skylight damage.
  • Fall: Autumn is the time to prep for the months to come by getting a full roof inspection, checking flashing and chimney performance, and trimming nearby trees to protect against damage from falling branches.
Seasonal Roof Maintenance Checklist - The Modern Pros
Areas That May Need Roof Maintenance - The Modern Pros

Areas That May Need Roof Maintenance

No one wants to think about their roof deteriorating or being damaged, but your roof is the cover of your home and the first line of defense against the weather and all outside elements. Over time, it wears out, problems develop, and the side effects can lead to serious consequences for your home. Your roofing expert will be on the lookout for:

  • Damaged shingles
  • Curled or warped shingles
  • Torn materials
  • Leaks
  • Shedding shingles
  • Standing water
  • Clogged gutters
  • Ventilation issues
  • Pests

You can’t see what’s going on atop your home, at least not in detail. It’s important to rely on experienced roofing contractors who can explain what’s happening with your roof and what repairs are necessary to get things back in working order. Always hire reliable, experienced contractors to do the work so you avoid poor installation and improper repairs.

Year-Round Roof Maintenance

It isn’t necessary to tend to your roof every season, but it is wise to keep an eye out for problems, especially at the ground level. If you’re finding shingles in your yard or driveway or notice that your roof doesn’t look quite right, contact an expert roofer to get an inspection. Regular roof maintenance is a critical part of home ownership, and this small effort will make your roof last longer and help you avoid costly repairs over time. If you have any concerns about your roof or wonder whether it’s time to get roof maintenance, schedule an appointment with The Modern Pros, serving the Detroit area.
Year-Round Roof Maintenance - The Modern Pros
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