Reviews & Referrals

Earn rewards! Reviews are how we grow our business and earn valuable feedback.  Current and past customers are eligible for a $25 Gift Card for leaving us a review on Google or Facebook.  No, it doesn’t have to be a glowing review (although we love those) but you do have to be an actual customer, leave a written and honest review, and fill out our reward form to claim your reward.



Step 1: Click either Google or Facebook below to open the review pop-up and leave an honest review


Modern Xterior Improvement
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Based on 72 reviews
Google Rating
Based on 24 reviews
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Based on 48 reviews


Step 2: Fill out the reward claim form

After submitting the reward claim form, wait 1-2 weeks to receive your thank you gift card for $25.  If the mailing address does not match the customer address we serviced, please leave the service address in the comments.  We cannot send rewards for customers that we cannot verify.  Customer reward gifts are for 1 customer per service address, multiple reviews cannot be redeemed for multiple rewards. Thank you!

Submit a Referral!

We love referrals, it’s how we’ve grown our business over the years.  Have a friend or neighbor interested in hiring the Modern Pros? Great! When they hire us they’ll receive 10% off of the price of service and you’ll receive $50 for your referral.  Leave their information below and we’ll give them a call.  Please make sure they’re expecting us, we don’t want to be a bother.  Thank you so much for your referral! We’ll send you an email when your referral becomes valid and then send your reward in 1-2 weeks. 

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