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Exterior Painting for Homes and Offices - Modern Pros

Exterior Painting

Commercial and residential exterior painting projects can seem daunting to the person who’s seeking such a transformation, but when you work with The Modern Pros of Southeast Michigan you won’t have to stress. Our experts know what it takes to craft a custom exterior painting plan to beautify and transform your home or office. Whatever your timeline or budget, The Modern Pros can make your vision come to life.

Exterior Painting for Homes and Offices

Whether you’re seeking an affordable way to transform the exterior of your home or you’re ready to invest in a major overhaul for your commercial space, there is always a painting solution that delivers.

During exterior painting jobs, you can expect some or all the following steps to occur:

  • Pressure washing: Dirt and dust buildup are thoroughly removed from exterior walls.
  • Repairs: Any damage, cracks, holes, or weatherworn areas are corrected with a filler and sanded.
  • Paint removal: Loose or chipped paint is removed using a scraper or sanding block.
  • Caulking: Exterior caulk is added to any gaps between the house and trim or around doors and windows.
  • Priming: Any exterior stains or wood knots are coated with stain-blocking primer.
  • Protection: Doors, windows, lights, and outdoor fixtures are covered with plastic and painter’s tape to protect them from paint.
  • Painting: A paint sprayer is filled with the chosen color and the house is painted from top to bottom in as many coats as necessary. Painting of trim and doors follows.
Exterior Painting For Your Home or Office - Modern Pros Will Help Transform Your Home or Office
Benefits that Homeowners Enjoy When Painting the Exterior of Their Home - The Modern Pros Can Make Your Exterior Home Beautiful

Benefits of Exterior Painting for Your House

It’s not just aesthetic benefits that homeowners enjoy when they have the exterior of their house painted. There are major benefits to this job that positively impact upkeep, finances, and problems.

  • Keep moisture at bay
  • Prolong the life of the siding
  • Prevent mold and mildew
  • Reduce siding replacements

Getting a house exterior painted is a major investment, but it can save money in the long run. Keep in mind that painting is not for wood, brick, or cement alone. Siding can be painted as an alternative to siding replacement – a solution that is, for many people, exactly what they need.

Stains to Spruce Up Your Deck

Decks are one of those tricky exterior living spaces that require regular maintenance – but what’s the best kind? Some homeowners prefer natural wood decking and have the entire area power washed regularly. Others opt for stains or paint. And then there is composite decking that is branded as needing little in the way of attention.

No matter what kind of outdoor space you have, decking always needs upkeep of some sort and, for many homeowners, that means painting or staining. Expert exterior painters can review the decking you have and make recommendations about what type of painting will offer the best protection against the elements without taking away from the material’s natural beauty.

Only the Best Paint for the Exterior of Your Home - Modern Pros Only Use the Highest Quality Paint

Only the Best for Exterior Painting

The Modern Pros use only the highest quality paints and stains for all our exterior painting projects. Sherwin-Williams is our product of choice, a trusted name in quality, longevity, and versatility for transforming brick, siding, trim, soffits and other outdoor features.

Whatever part of your outdoor space that you wish to have painted, contact us to learn about our full range of affordable exterior painting solutions. Make your home or office look modern, fresh, and clean and create some serious curb appeal with help from the experts at The Modern Pros.

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