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New Roof Installation - Get A New Roof at Modern Pros

New Roof Installation

It’s an exciting time when you decide to invest in a new roof installation. Choose a roofing contractor with experience, options, and understanding about your preferences and budget so you can get exactly the look and type of roof you want. At The Modern Pros in Livonia, MI, we serve the Detroit area and work with all shapes and sizes of homes to deliver a new roof that looks great and is designed to last.

Superior Roofing Materials

You want the very best materials when you’re embarking on a new roof installation, and CertainTeed roofing products get the job done. Here are just some of the roofing materials for your project that will help ensure a better-performing, longer-lasting roof with plenty of curb appeal:

    • Shingles: High-quality and high value, they deliver durable and affordable shingles in an extensive range of attractive colors.
    • Waterproofing underlayment: A self-adhering foundation installed in the most vulnerable areas to prevent leaks and deliver water resistance.
    • Ventilation: Ridge vents and intake vents help a roof breathe and keep the attic cool in summer and dry in winter.
    • Accessory shingles: Complement or match your shingles to cap the ridges and hips of your roof.
    • Color companion products: Coordinate canopies, porches, carports, and other flat roof areas with the main roof.
Superior Roofing Materials - Modern Pros
Add-Ons for a New Roof - Modern Pros

Add-Ons to a New Roof Installation

There are some elements of a roof that enhance its performance, and others that enhance its appearance. When you decide that you need a new roof installation or replacement roof, you and your roofing contractor will discuss the following features:

  • Gutter installation: New gutters and gutter guards work seamlessly to minimize clogs and prevent leaks, mold and mildew, stagnant water, sagging, ice dams, pest infestation, and more. The installation of new gutters also keeps your roof healthier.
  • Skylights: Ever dream of looking at the stars as you fall off to sleep? Have you wished for more light in the upper rooms of your home? A strategically placed skylight may be possible for your structure if your ceiling is within reach.
  • Attic insulation: Your attic is part of your roof and its condition is affected by the health of your roof – and vice versa. Some homeowners may need additional or refreshed attic insulation to improve energy savings and minimize potential roof problems like ice dams.

Cost of a new Roof Installation

One of the biggest concerns every homeowner has when it comes to a new roof is how much this type of construction will cost. Many roofing jobs are straightforward, others involve the discovery of problems along the way that must be addressed.

There are several factors that can affect the cost of new roof installation including:

  • Removal of the existing roof (if not new construction)
  • Structural repairs
  • Underlayment layers
  • Dumpster rental and disposal fees
  • Removal and reinstallation of solar panels
  • Weather conditions and geographic location

Every home is different – size, height, exposure to the elements – which means every roof is different too. The roof surface size, roof pitch, materials, and labor are all factored into the final cost.

Cost of a New Roof Installation - Modern Pros
New Roof Installation in Detroit, MI - Modern Pros can help get you that new roof

New Roof Installation in Detroit, MI

When you are ready for a new roof installation, it’s important to take your time and ask plenty of questions of your roofing contractor so you know exactly what they will deliver. At The Modern Pros, our experts provide the information you need, thorough estimates, and clear details about what to expect from a roof installation.

Schedule a consultation with one of our pros to learn about the materials we recommend for your roof, the costs you can expect, and what’s best for the health of your home.

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