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Roof Replacement

The roof is a vital part of every home. It’s essential for this feature to be in good condition and, when it’s not, to prioritize roof replacement. At The Modern Pros in Livonia, MI, we serve the Detroit area and work with all sizes and shapes of homes and roofs to remove old materials and deliver a new home covering that is built to last.

How Much Does a Roof Replacement Cost?

The first question anyone asks about roof replacement is how much it will cost. Every home is different, which means the size of each roof is different too. Even so, it is possible to stay within your budget and get the necessary home care.

The average cost for a roof replacement can be anywhere between $5,500 and $20,000 but this number can be slightly lower or significantly higher depending on the following factors:

  • Roof surface size: The bigger your home and your roof, the higher the roof replacement cost will be.
  • Roof pitch: Steep roof pitch means there is more square footage on the roof, which means cost will increase accordingly. Special equipment may also be necessary to work on a steep roof safely, a factor that results in extra labor costs for hazardous circumstances.
  • Materials: There are so many options available when it comes to roofing materials, from basic and budget-friendly asphalt shingles to high-end tiles or slate.
  • Geographic location: Local labor rates and the fluctuating prices of materials will impact roof cost, as will residing in a metropolitan area with higher costs of living. Some localities and HOAs may take on separate permit requests and fees separate from your roofing contractor’s work.
  • Labor: Roofing is a labor-intensive job that requires a skilled worker to complete. You don’t want just anyone to handle this part of your home’s maintenance. Labor will take up a large chunk of your project’s total.
Roof Replacement

Factors That Affect Roof Replacement

A roof replacement is not always a straightforward task. There are many under-the-radar circumstances that can affect how long it takes to complete the work and the final cost. Some of these factors you may not even be aware of until you receive an estimate from your roofing company:

  • Removal of the existing roof: A roof replacement implies there is an old roof coming off first. This part of the project can increase or decrease in effort and cost if there are multiple, heavy underlayment layers that contribute to higher labor costs. Dumpster rental and disposal fees also incur a cost.
  • Structural repairs: Your roofing contractor may not discover underlying structural repairs until the roof removal is underway. These problems could include leaks, damaged trusses or rafters, holes, pest infestations, or rotting wood. The bill will increase accordingly, especially if a structural engineer must be hired to advise on repair.
  • Solar panels: If you have solar panels, that doesn’t mean your roof will never need to be replaced. Any repairs that need to be made will require the removal of solar panels and reinstallation of the panels once the roofing project is complete.
  • Weather: Certain areas endure hard weather. Winter storms can be especially tough on homes in the Detroit area and more robust roofing materials may be necessary to withstand Mother Nature.
  • Skylights: If you have always dreamed of getting skylights in your roof, this feature will require a discussion to determine whether it’s possible and a good idea for your home.

Get a Roof Replacement in Detroit

Roof replacement is costly, without a doubt, but it’s an investment in the health and safety of your home. Schedule a consultation with an expert at The Modern Pros to discuss materials, concerns, budget, and more and learn whether an entire roof replacement is necessary.
Roof Replacement
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