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Siding Company

Siding Company

Replacing or adding siding to your home is a big investment that will last for a long time. Rely on a siding company that understands the nuances of siding selection, whether you’re altering the look of your entire house or simply repairing a portion of it. Work with The Modern Pros, siding contractors in Southeast Michigan for over 25 years, to make all the big siding decisions and take advantage of high-quality materials and craftsmanship.

Siding Company Services

There’s more to siding company services than just covering a home with a new color or style of siding. Here are the most common services offered by The Modern Pros:

  • Siding replacement: If siding falls off or is damaged by storm damage, weather, or an accident, it can be replaced with matching siding.
  • Siding repair: Holes, dents, and other damage can be repaired with a meticulous, experienced hand.
  • Residential siding supply: Whether homeowners are moving and want to spruce up their dwelling or whether they are ready to upgrade their space, residential siding can be done to blend in with the neighbors but still stand out in your own way.
  • Commercial siding replacement: Businesses with a need for commercial siding replacement can trade out what they currently have or upgrade to a new type of siding material for a unique look.
  • Stone and brick veneer: When you want to insulate your home even more and create a strong look, stone or brick veneer is an excellent substitute for siding or a complement to it.
  • Seamless gutters: If you’re looking for consistency on your home, seamless gutters can make all the difference or be combined with a siding upgrade for a clean, refreshed look.
siding company
siding company

Materials Used by Southeast Michigan Siding Company

The Modern Pros uses Mastic siding products by Ply Gem which can come equipped with a layer of insulated foam for extended energy efficiency. Siding products from Mastic include Quest Siding, Eclipse Siding, Ovation Siding, Cedar Discovery, Board and Batten, Carved Wood, and Structure Siding. This brand of vinyl siding has the following components:

  • Comes in a variety of rich colors
  • Available in realistic textures
  • Maintenance free
  • Durable
  • Beautiful
  • Does not need painting
  • Long-lasting

Types of Siding

Modern Pros relies on Mastic siding products to offer customers a variety of options that suits their style and aesthetic. There are three main types of siding that homeowners typically choose from:

  • Lap: Lap siding runs horizontally in long, even planks and the siding overlaps for a traditional look. Customers can choose from a variety of panel sizes, textures, and finishes.
  • Shake and shingle: Shake and shingle siding delivers a rustic look with materials that are molded from hand-tooled, rough-sawn cedar shingles.
  • Vertical: Per its name, vertical siding runs straight up and down, making a home look taller and more contemporary.

Sometimes two different siding types are used on a home for a more unique appearance and a texturally rich look. Whether you are interested in a classic beaded design, rustic textures, natural earth tones, or smooth finishes, The Modern Pros have the products to satisfy your vision.

It you are overwhelmed about the type, style, or color of siding to select for your home, rely on The Modern Pros to pose all the right questions and make suggestions to help you select the product that is best for your preferences and curb appeal.

siding company
siding company

Choose the Modern Pros for Your Siding Company

Siding is an important and big investment in your home. Hire the right professional contractor to ensure that you make the right decisions for your structure from start to finish, whether you’re replacing siding, trim, roofing, soffits, vents or otherwise. Contact The Modern Pros for an estimate of your project.

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