Low Quality Flashing Caused a Roof Leak on This Home

The simplest details can determine whether your roof will leak or not.  Our roofing pro found the issue at hand after our customer called us out to investigate a roof leak.  We identified the faulty flashing and went right to work.  When you receive multiple estimates from roofing companies and one seems to be much more expensive than the rest, be sure to compare the finishes, underlayments and products like flashing. The reason? 9/10 if your roof fails early it’s due to poor installation, cutting corners and poor quality material. 

The Modern Pros

The Modern Pros

The Modern Pros have been a Michigan home improvement contractor for over 25 years. We proudly serve homeowners throughout Southeast Michigan with the highest quality roofing, siding, gutters, insulation and painting. When you want your project done right, on time and on budget; call the company Michigan homeowners call year after year.

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