6 Ways to Save on New Roof Installation

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When it comes to replacing your roof, you don’t want the bargain price, but you don’t want to blow your budget either. The right new roof installation company works within your parameters to deliver the results you want. As you figure out what’s best for your home, here are some best practices to consider so you can save.

1. Be Realistic

A roof replacement is a costly project and saying yes to a new roof installation is an investment. It may be tempting to go with the least expensive option, or to give the green light to a local handyman who claims to be good at roofing, but your best choice for excellent work, a legitimate warranty, and the finest materials is to hire a reputable roofing contractor.

2. Get Estimates

The best roofing contractors encourage you to vet multiple contractors before you hire someone. It’s important to see what you’re getting from each professional and compare and contrast their resumes and abilities. Remember, choosing the lowest bidder for new roof pricing could result in poor work that doesn’t last and leads to bigger expenses in the future. Look for the highest-rated professionals with guarantees and experience.

3. Use Your Insurance

If you need a new roof installation because of a storm or other act of nature or an accident, it is very likely that your homeowner’s insurance may cover all or part of your roof replacement costs. Your roofing contractor can advise you in this area too.

4. Make Upgrades in the Off-Season

Even roofers have busy times of year – typically summer and fall. If your need for a new roof isn’t essential but not urgent, consider waiting until late spring or winter to get a better rate and be one of their beloved customers in the off-season. Of course, it’s best to consult with a contractor on timeline – if you have any current or threatening leaks or trouble spots, having the roof tended to sooner rather than later is better for your bottom line, even if the work must occur in the busy season.

5. Carefully Consider Roofing Materials

The better the roofing materials used on your new roof installation, the longer the roof will last. Often, it pays to work with a roofing expert who relies on one or two reputable, long-standing brands that have a range of price points. No matter where your choices fall, the materials come with guarantees for longevity and durability.

6. Find Out If You Only Need Roof Repairs

If you are in no place to replace your entire roof right now, you may discover that you’re able to improve the quality of your roof through roof repairs only. If the integrity of your roof is intact and there are just a few areas that require immediate attention, a new roof installation may be able to wait – meet with expert roofing contractors to get firm answers to these questions.

Get New Roof Installation Advice in Detroit

The Modern Pros serve the Detroit area and provide estimates and installations for a new roof. Discover where your home stands and how you can get the best work within your budget. Contact us to schedule a free project estimate.

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