What Do Your Gutters Have to Do with Your Roof?

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Many people think of their roof as one part of their home and their gutters as another – separate entities that have their own unique responsibilities. While this perspective is true in some respects, it’s not entirely accurate. Your gutters and your roof have a bit of a symbiotic relationship – they might not be the same “species” but they live right next to and benefit from each other. Or, you know, they cause each other problems.

All About the Visual

If your gutters look bad – sagging, weeds sprouting, leaves sticking up – this isn’t just an eyesore for you and the neighbors. Full gutters can cause serious roof damage. In Michigan winters, ice dams can form on the gutters or the lower edge of the roof. This development causes water to pool and eventually seep into your home.

If a gutter is clogged, it prevents water from draining properly, thereby increasing the likelihood of ice dams developing. Not to mention the weight of winter ice dams – packed ice is heavy – which can make gutters sag and fall off the house.

If you have a seamless gutter system paired with gutter protection, you won’t have to wait for the next power washer or gutter cleaner to make their way to your home and clean things out. Clogs will be in the past.

From the Roof, to the Gutter, to the Siding

The boards that hold your gutter system together are known as fascia and are often made of wood. If your gutters get built up with debris, clogs form and cause water build up which leads to deterioration and fascia rot. If your home is wood or has wood siding, this water damage can threaten the structure of your home and cause pricey damage to its exterior and interior.

Vulnerable wood can be wrapped in aluminum to match the home’s siding so you can enjoy a worry-free, maintenance free exterior.

Getting Buggy with It

When water isn’t diverted away from the roof by the gutters, the water can pool up. The result? Leaks in the frame and fascia of your home and, of course, roof leaks too.

As with full gutters, problematic or poorly fitted gutters allow water to reoccur in places it isn’t supposed to be. This kind of occurrence can escalate into rot, mildew, and mold. While you may not be able to see such problems from the ground, they pose serious health risks to anyone who lives in your household.

Stagnant roof or gutter water is an insect’s paradise and wet wood is easy prey for mosquitos, carpenter ants, and termites who love moist, wooden environments. Any infestation like this – or from larger pests like squirrels who suddenly find easy ways into your home because of weak areas – can cause structural damage to your home, not to mention a ton of trouble that demands an exterminator.

Get Help from The Modern Pros

At The Modern Pros, we offer residential and commercial gutter installation, gutter repair, gutter protection, and customized gutter solutions for new construction or homes with unique design needs. Contact us to discuss your gutter or roof concerns.

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