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Spring is the time of year for exterior upgrades and beautifying your property. While mulch, flowers, and shrubbery are essential elements, so too is increasing the curb appeal of your home’s actual structure. And that means prioritizing your roof – not only its appearance but its function and stability. With a roof maintenance appointment, the cover of your home is reviewed and problems are addressed as needed.

Discover Roof Problems Caused by Winter Damage

Michigan is no stranger to serious winter weather, and it can take a toll on your roof. There are so many potential problems caused by the elements that don’t come to light until spring, but a maintenance visit or roof inspection will reveal immediately whether your roof has been caught in the crosshairs of:

  • Heavy winds: Heavy winds can curl or tear off shingles and leave the underlayment of the roof visible and exposed to the elements. The watertight seal and overlapping protective features can be lost, leaving the roof vulnerable.
  • Hailstorms: Hailstones come in different sizes, but they all have massive power behind them. As hail shoots down from the clouds, shingles can be dented, granules loosened, and your roof now susceptible to sun and rain damage.
  • Debris: Storms don’t always hit a roof directly, but they may cause debris, branches, trees, and other objects to fly around and land on the top of your home. You may not see any of this destruction as it happens, but the result is a vulnerable roof.

Review Gutter Stability and Effectiveness

A roof and gutters work in tandem and if one is compromised the other element is likely to suffer. Standing gutter water can occur after a major storm if gutters are clogged or uneven. This can result in rainwater being forced back and under the roof shingles, a problem that results in damage to the lower layers of the roof deck – mold, weakness, and leaks.

During a roof maintenance appointment, your roofing expert will provide recommendations about the number of gutter cleanings needed every year, or potential gutter enhancements that can improve their performance and extend the life of your roof.

What to Expect from Roof Maintenance

You don’t have to be frightened of roof maintenance. This close look at the roof of your home may reveal zero problems – and that would be amazing. If you’re lucky, only minor repairs will be needed to get the roof back into true working condition after a taxing winter. During a roof maintenance visit, any of the following is likely to occur:

  • Shingle inspection
  • Gutter cleaning
  • Attic insulation check
  • Caulk replacement
  • Tree trimming recommendations

Protect Your Home with Regular Roof Maintenance

Spring is a great time of year to schedule a roof maintenance. There is little falling foliage, storms are less extreme, and seeing the true conditions of the roof is possible. You might discover some unwanted creatures who have set up shop on your roof, or enjoy it for sunbathing, but your roof contractor will have suggestions for keeping your home your own and separate from wildlife. Contact The Modern Pros in Southeast Michigan to get on the maintenance or roof inspection schedule.

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