Signs You Need Roof Repairs

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Potential problems with your roof are a stressful situation for any homeowner. It can be an incredible relief to discover you only need roof repairs and not roof replacement. How do you know for sure where you stand? Only a roofing expert can tell you for certain what’s really going on with your rooftop but, in the meantime, look out for the following signs that roof repairs might be in your future.

Shingle Damage

Shingles have texture, but they should lie flat. Any curled or cracked shingles are a sign of damage and a great opportunity for weather or pests to invade the roof. This is one of the easiest roof problems to see from ground level.

Missing Shingles

Find a shingle on the lawn? Could be a fluke. Might not even be yours. At least that’s what you hope. Chances are, a shingle or two that have found their way from great heights to the ground are an indication that a bigger problem is brewing. Without every bit of your roof covered, rot, mold, and other structural issues could develop.


If you spot granules around your downspouts or under overhangs, if you see them in the gutters from a second-story window, don’t panic yet. It’s natural for this protective layer to flake off over the years, especially because of weather and age, but when the granules really start to build up, your roof is shedding too much and roof repairs will be necessary.


You might have to walk a distance away from your house to see it, but once you have the right perspective, roof stains are very noticeable. Rust, algae, and asphalt bleed-through are all possible causes of this complication. While power washing may be all that is needed instead of roof repairs, it’s wise to get an inspection and find out what’s really going on.

Clogged Gutters

You might think that those clogged or overflowing gutters are a gutter problem – but they could become a roof problem too. The build-up of water makes the gutters heavy and traps water that can then migrate under the roof coating. This can damage the edge of the roof and the underlying materials.  

Get Roof Repairs in the Detroit Area

Homeowners can’t always know what’s going on with their roof, but these visible signs are a good indication that something is off, creating an opportunity to get help before small problems become very large programs and change the scope of the project. Find out if you need any roof repairs by scheduling a consultation with the roofing experts at The Modern Pros. We serve Detroit and the surrounding area and offer free project estimates. Contact us today.

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