Roof and Siding Repairs After Storm Damage

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Summer or fall, winter or spring, weather can be destructive to your home. It’s nearly impossible to prepare for the worst, but you can act quickly once a problem occurs. Exterior storm damage can lead to interior problems and serious side effects that destroy flooring, furniture, walls, and, of course, roof and siding.

Types of Storm Damage Repairs

If you know a summer storm is coming through, you might be resigned to the fact that a few roof shingles could come loose or siding might be damaged, but you may not expect a heavy branch from your neighbor’s tree to fly off and put hole through your roof.

Whether the storm damage your home suffers requires emergency repair or whether the problem can wait a few days for attention, always have a plan and storm damage expert you can call to address the situation as soon as possible, especially if you need:

  • Mitigation: A tree in the roof, lawn furniture in the siding – any major dent to the exterior of your home needs mitigation like tarping, removal of the offending objects, and clean-up to prevent water damage, mold, and critter invasion.
  • Shingle replacement: Aesthetic storm damage problems may not need quick repair. Shingle replacement should be done soon though to prevent damage from developing underneath.
  • Underlayment repair: Fixing the top of a roof is one thing. When damage occurs to the underlayment and foundation, it must be taken care of right away. These storm damage repairs prevent holes, attic leaks, and other problems inside and outside.
  • Removing gutter clogs: If you get your gutters cleaned regularly, they should withstand heavy rain and snow and clear quickly without damage. Sometimes, precipitation is so heavy clogs develop anyway and need to be cleaned to stop backup from causing leaks and damage.
  • Replacing siding: Getting vinyl siding repairs immediately reinstates your home’s protective shell, prevents further loss or destruction and stops water seeping behind the siding.

Don’t Underestimate the Power of Mother Nature

Most roofing and siding materials are designed to handle seriously heavy and aggressive Michigan weather – winds and storms up to 100 miles per hour. However, extreme weather and Mother Nature’s wrath can win when it wants to and deliver tears, breaks, dents, discoloration, and more, exposing the foundations of your home.

Never underestimate the power of storms and the importance of a roof inspection and siding and gutter inspections after the fact, even if it seems like nothing is wrong:

  • Wind: Windstorms can leave curled and lifted shingles, broken seals, and other torn materials.
  • Hail: A brief hailstorm can be powerful and dent or loosen shingles and siding.
  • Water: Standing gutter water and backed up rainwater can lead to clogs, leaks, and weakened areas.
  • Debris: Unsecured objects or moving tree limbs can slam into your home, dislodge shingles, create holes, and leave your house open to moisture.

Get Storm Damage Help Immediately

If you have a storm damage emergency – like a tree through your roof or part of your roof torn off – contact The Modern Pros in Southeast Michigan right away for help. Even if you have smaller problems, deal with them now to prevent issues from growing out of control into serious, costly issues.

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