Need a Roof Replacement? 9 Cost Factors to Consider

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There are many cost factors that can impact the final amount of your roof replacement. This home improvement project is a large undertaking, so knowing what to expect and what could be included in the estimate can help you prepare for this major investment.

1. Removal of the Existing Roof

You can’t put a new roof on your home until the old roof comes off. This labor-intensive step is always a cost factor, but the number can go up if it’s discovered that there are multiple, heavy underlayment layers to contend with. Don’t forget to factor in dumpster rentals and disposal fees too.

2. Structural Repairs

Many unsavory problems can be uncovered once a roof is removed and its foundation is inspected – like rotting wood, leaks, pest infestations, holes, or damaged trusses or rafters. These issues must be dealt with before a new roof can be done.

3. Weather

When you live in the Detroit area, you deal with plenty of snow and ice. Strong roofing materials are needed to endure the worst that Mother Nature can dish out and costs are adjusted accordingly.

4. Roof Surface Size

The bigger the roof, the more materials need, the more labor required, the more it will cost to do the job.

5. Roof Pitch

Roofers are highly trained in the art of maneuvering around rooftops, but that doesn’t mean the job is easy. If you have a steep roof, then you also have more square footage up there, which impacts cost. For homes that have especially dangerous inclines, special equipment may be needed to get the roofing done, which will have associated costs.

6. Materials

Your roofing contractor will review the many roofing options available when you are meeting to discuss your job. There are budget-friendly asphalt shingles and high-end slate and everything in between. Listen to advice from your roofer about the best materials for your particular home and remember that these items form the foundation of your roof and protect your home and family – this isn’t the place to skimp.

7. Labor

Without labor, there would be no roof replacement. The roofing professionals who work on your home have a labor-intensive that requires great skill and care. Roofing is not easy, and it’s impacted by precipitation, temperature, and time of year. Anticipate labor to be a major portion of your roofing estimate.

8. Location

Depending on where you live, you may be faced with changes to local labor rates and the fluctuating costs of materials. Those who live in metropolitan areas can typically expect higher costs, while homeowners who have an HOA may need to fulfill requests for additional permits and fees separate from your roofer’s costs.

9. Solar Panels

Many homeowners have solar panels on their roof, but this doesn’t prevent the need for a roof replacement. Removal and reinstallation of solar panels will need to be organized by the homeowner so the roofing job can get done in between.

Get a Roof Replacement in Detroit

A roof replacement is a daily task for The Modern Pros, but we understand that this is a major undertaking for your home and budget. Schedule a meeting with one of our experts to get an estimate for your project.

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