Can Solar Panels Cause Roof Damage?

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Homeowners with solar panels don’t want to worry about what’s happening to their roof underneath this environmentally friendly choice. All you want to do is decrease your footprint and lower your power bills, not find yourself with a roof leak, shingles on the ground, gutter backup, and a need for roof repairs. Here’s what you need to know about whether solar panels can damage your roof.

Hire a Reputable Solar Panel Installation Company

Not just anyone can install solar panels. Only hire a certified solar panel company that knows exactly how to fit your home and honors the following:

  • Installation can only occur on a healthy, strong roof in good condition.
  • The roof has no structural damage.
  • The added weight of the solar panels can be borne by the roof and frame.
  • No installation of panels on an aging roof.
  • Consider the slope and type of roof.
  • Research the wind load of the area.

Not every roof is fit for solar panels. If you have a company that’s willing to install the panels regardless of the age or condition of your roof, be wary. You might get that coveted solar energy but it could result in roofing problems sooner rather than later.

Roof Problems Caused by Solar Panels

Solar panels do great things for homeowners, energy bills, and the environment. In general, they are not problematic if installation is properly done. However, they do cover the roof of your home, the surface area that withstands weather and nature and protects everything underneath it. The last thing you want is to see any of the following roof problems occur after solar panel installation:

  • Weakened roof structure
  • Inability to withstand weather and all the elements
  • Cannot bear the weight of the panels
  • Water leaks

When solar panels are installed, they require holes to be drilled into the roof to secure the roof mount on which the solar panels are secured. This method is efficient and affordable, but only if qualified installers are focused on maintaining the integrity of your roof and filling or patching the holes after drilling and installation, careful to avoid roof damage. Otherwise, leaks can develop and an already aging or weak roof could suffer undue weight and stress.

Take Care of Your Roof Before, During, and After Solar Panels

When you are considering the installation of solar panels, it’s more important than ever to:

  • Schedule regular roof inspections to ensure that the covering of your home is in good condition and able to withstand everything that’s thrown at it – and under the solar panels.
  • Get a roofing inspection done before the solar installation occurs, so any problems can be completed first.
  • Know the age of your roof and consider whether roof-top solar panels with their 20-year contracts are a good choice right now or whether you need a roof replacement first.

If you are removing solar panels from your home and dealing with roof damage, or if you suspect roof damage caused by solar panels, get an inspection from The Modern Pros and find out what’s really going on above. Contact us to schedule and appointment.

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