Be Alert for Potential January Roofing Problems

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January in Michigan is an expected phenomenon for long-time residents. From extreme snow to ice and heavy winds to freezing temps, your home takes the brunt of all the winter elements – and sometimes it does not emerge the victor. Keep watch on your roof, siding, and gutters so you can get help from a home improvement contractor before real roofing problems begin. Here’s what might pop up in January.

Ice Dams

You may feel relief when heavy snows on the roof begin to melt, but if the temp drops and the moisture freezes again, ice dams may form. This development can create a barrier that prevents proper drainage and leads to the growth of mold and mildew on the roof, attic leaks, and structural damage.

A pro will look at attic insulation and check ventilation to see if they’re doing the important job of preventing heat loss and maintaining a consistent temp across the roof. Having accumulated snow professionally removed may be necessary for some homes.

Cracked Shingles

It might seem like cracked shingles can wait until spring. After all, your roof is multi-layered and strong, right? Yes, however, a lost shingle is the gateway to disaster all around. One small crack or the loss of a few shingles can lead to serious leaks in winter. Ice and snow cover make it tricky to identify problems from the ground – you’ll need a Michigan roofing specialist to identify where the issue originated.

Heavy Snow Loads

Your kids might love how giant piles of snow fall off the roof when the melting begins. You might even feel like you’re cozily snowed in with all that white stuff piled above. Unfortunately, snow pile-up can lead to significant roof damage – including caving in. A roofing specialist can tell you just how much excessive snow your roof can support before structural issues begin. If you have an older or weaker roof, you’re at a bigger risk of disaster. This isn’t a problem that can always take care of itself.

Clogged Gutters

Just because autumn is over, that doesn’t mean everything is done falling from the trees. Pine needles, acorns, dirt, debris, bark, and whatever detritus is tossed around by the wind can all land in your gutters and clog them. Combine this with snow and ice and melting snow and rain can be blocked from flowing freely. If ice dams form, the roof structure can be compromised and leaks in the home are possible, as well as problems with the foundation of your home. Keep the gutters clear, no matter what. If you have ongoing problems, gutter guards may be worth considering.

Get Help with Winter Roofing Problems from The Modern Pros

You can’t see what’s happening on the top of your home, but roofing inspectors can. If there are leaks inside, new creaks outside, shingles in the yard, or anything that looks out of place, contact The Modern Pros in Southeast Michigan for help. Proactive care to prep for winter is important, but it’s never too late to get a roof inspection, insulation help, or major repairs you need to keep your home safe and prevent the need for extensive repairs later.

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