7 Siding Installation Tips from a Michigan Siding Contractor

tips from Michigan siding contractors The Modern Pros

Siding damage or worn-out siding is stressful for any homeowner. The cover of your entire home is a major investment, but getting the right products from the right Michigan siding contractor will ease your mind so you feel better about the longevity of your siding going forward. Here are just some tips to get you moving in the right direction.

1. Choose Maintenance-Free Vinyl Siding

There are many types of siding to choose from, and some will speak to you because of look or color. While there’s nothing wrong with indulging your tastes, living in a bad-weather area means the strongest, most durable siding is the smart choice. A Michigan siding contractor will guide you to the best product in the best style and price point.

2. Think of the Upkeep

Siding, once installed, should be able to manage itself. Unless you need siding repairs, restorations, or replacements because of storm damage or an accident, listen to your Michigan siding contractor’s recommendation for long-lasting, low-maintenance, vinyl siding.

3. Consider Curb Appeal

The siding look you want for your house is impacted by, the type of roof you have, the exterior style of your home, and even the color of your neighbors’ siding. You’ll want to consider elements that aren’t easily altered like brick or stone accents, the color of walkways and patios, and your roof style and color.

4. Get Problems Fixed Right Away

If your siding suffers a dent, hole, or lost pieces, get these problems fixed right away. Without all your siding, your home is susceptible to drafts, pests, water damage, and further destruction. Siding plays a critical role in protecting your home and is the first line of defense against Mother Nature.

5. Be Open to a Major Restoration

When siding has reached a certain age or the weather has begun to pull it apart, sometimes it’s time to restore rather than repair. You may only want to replace a section of siding – and this is possible with color-matching in a market of multiple product options – but sometimes removing all siding and starting from scratch is the most cost-effective and safest home ownership option to avoid future problems.

6. Rely on Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding is a common choice for homeowners. This material is versatile, low-maintenance, affordable, and easy to repair and replace. Express style preferences in color, design, and texture, whether you prefer clean lines or dramatic shadows. Some of the most common vinyl siding options include clapboard, smooth, beaded seam, traditional shake, wood grain, and board and batten.

7. Align with an Experienced Siding Contractor

When you work with an experienced Michigan siding contractor, you align yourself with an expert who knows the weather, styles, and needs of each type of home based on build, age, and current state of the siding. Learn about modern materials and what will work best for your needs so you can save on costs and minimize the need for repairs in the future.

Get advice, answers, and information so you feel comfortable about the siding decision you make for your home. Contact The Modern Pros in Southeast Michigan today to discuss Mastic siding products by Ply Gem and other materials that are best for your siding application.

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