5 Reasons to Always Hire a Pro for Asbestos Removal

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Modern construction does not typically include asbestos but, at the height of its use, which faded out around the 1970s, asbestos served as a reliable form of insulation and fire retardant. If you have an older home or commercial building and suspect that it could contain asbestos, rely on an asbestos removal and abatement expert for inspection and mitigation. Here are just some of the reasons to always hire a pro for asbestos removal.

1. You shouldn’t touch asbestos.

Even though it’s a naturally occurring substance, asbestos is dangerous. Inhaling asbestos fibers can cause lung cancer, mesothelioma, and other serious side effects. There is no known safe level of asbestos exposure. Asbestos is most dangerous when disturbed by removal of materials or renovation, and if any fibers become airborne and inhaled, health risks occur.

2. It’s stressing you out.

Knowing that asbestos exists anywhere within the vicinity of you or your family is stressful. You don’t want to be near it, you don’t want your loved ones to be near it, and the mere thought of inhabiting that space with a toxic substance can be beyond overwhelming. An expert has the knowledge, tools, expertise, and time to make your space safe for everyone as soon as possible.

3. You don’t know where the asbestos is.

Homes and buildings of a certain age are more likely to contain asbestos. If a neighbor has identified this presence in their home or you suspect asbestos has long been in your space, it’s dangerous for you to go looking for it. Pros are aware of the safest and fastest ways to identify areas most likely to have asbestos, like attic insulation, ceiling tiles, and roofing materials.

4. Improper removal is a serious hazard.

Asbestos is a problem wherever its living, but improper removal of it makes the substance even more dangerous. From HVAC systems to ductwork, pipes to siding, if asbestos is removal improperly it could release mini, hazardous fibers into the atmosphere. This is what leads to respiratory illnesses and other serious health complications.

5. You want the work done right away.

Though you need to be worked into a professional asbestos remover’s schedule to have this substance eliminated from your space, it’s safer to wait for their attention than to attempt the job yourself. Most DIY jobs are worth a shot for clever homeowners – asbestos removal, however, is not. You need an expert for this work, and it’s worth waiting for their skill, whether it’s a few days or a few weeks.

Contact The Modern Pros in Livonia, MI, to discuss your asbestos concerns, schedule a consultation, and get on the roster for safe and efficient asbestos removal. If you have a home renovation planned, always get an asbestos inspection before starting remodeling projects of any size.

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