Roof Damage Caused by Seasonal Storms

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Michigan is no stranger to extreme weather. No matter the season, residents can expect to take a beating from Mother Nature without much warning – and the results are often a severely damaged and compromised roof. You just might not notice any problems right away. Here is just some of the roof damage storms can cause.

The Power of Wind

Heavy winds during winter squalls or summer storms can cause visible roof damage, tearing off shingles and leaving the roof deck, underlayment, or other materials exposed to the elements. In less severe but still windy storms, gusts can curl shingles and lift them, breaking the watertight seal and overlapping that are purposely used during installation. This side effect leaves the roof vulnerable to damage from wind-driven rain and eventually cause a need for roof replacement.

Hail Hath No Fury

Hailstorms are usually short, but brevity doesn’t equate to power. The size of hailstones and the speed with which they are released from the clouds can be strong enough to dent shingles and loosen shingle granules. If you haven’t lost shingles, it can feel like you’ve dodged a bullet, but seeing granules on the ground are a sign that your roof is now less protected against damage from the sun or rain. And, of course, the aesthetic nature of your roof can be interrupted by the fierceness of hail too.

Debris Here, There, and Everywhere

Sometimes it’s not what a storm does directly to your roof, but what it does to things around your roof. Tall trees lose branches. Flying objects land or hit your roof. When debris hits or lands on your roof, shingles can be dented or negatively impacted, which leaves that part of the roof vulnerable. It’s possible for moisture to get in and shingles to tear, all because of debris.

Standing Gutter Water

Your gutters and your roof work together. If one is compromised, the other can suffer. When your roof doesn’t have proper drainage after a major storm – because gutters are clogged in some way – standing water can occur, especially in uneven areas. Stuffed gutters can also force rainwater to back up under your shingles and penetrate the lower layers of the roof deck. The results can be mold, leaks, and weak areas that are easy for other weather and pests to breach.

Rely on a Roof Damage Expert

It doesn’t matter what kind of storm has hit your home, if you know your roof has taken a beating, it’s always a good idea to get an experienced roofing contractor to do a brief inspection. Roof damage is not always visible from the ground, but to the eye of an expert – one who is prepared to get on your roof and walk around it – any major damage is immediately clear. The Modern Pros serves the Detroit area and we offer free project estimates. Contact us today.

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