Repairing Your Home After Seasonal Storm Damage

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Michigan winters can be brutal. Residents expect cold, snow, and ice – many welcome all of it – but no one wants to be on the receiving end of Mother Nature’s bad mood. There is plenty of destruction in the wake of winter weather and seasonal storm damage could leave you needing emergency repairs on your home.

Seasonal Storm Damage Caused by Extreme Weather

No one can control the weather or the problems it leaves in its wake. All you can do is hope that your home won’t suffer any fallout. If there are problems, it’s smart to have a plan in place to tend to your home as quickly as possible and avoid even bigger complications and repairs.

  • The weight of snow: Snow can build up on your roof and lead to a host of problems, like ice dams, cracked shingles, clogged gutters, roof leaks, and damaged skylights. The weight of the snow is an issue, but so is its composition, especially when snow melts then freezes.
  • The weight of water: If gutters have not been cleaned and or tested for proper drainage, they could suffer standing water, and that means homeowners are more likely to endure water under their roof shingles or in the roof decking as well as clogs, leaks, or mold. Be proactive and avoid the problems that come from too much water after rainstorms or melting snow with preventive gutter care.
  • The power of wind: A wind-heavy storm can wreak havoc on any roof, but especially one that is old or poorly maintained. Within moments, the underlayment and other roofing materials can be exposed to the elements because of heavy gusts that break seals, lift shingles, and leave your home vulnerable.
  • The nuisance of debris: Your yard’s contents should stay within your yard and so should your neighbors’ possessions. Unfortunately, objects that aren’t secured down and some trees can be broken or sent airborne, dislodging shingles, denting siding, and leaving your home open to moisture.

Repairs for Storm Damage

Modern roofing and siding materials are very strong and designed to manage weather gusts of up to 100 miles per hour, but extreme weather conditions are difficult to beat. If the top layer of a roof is compromised, the foundational layer can be too. Even if you have a new or reinforced roof, Mother Nature can win and, sometimes, your only option is to get problems repaired by a roofing specialist.

Some problems need to be corrected right away, others can wait until weather conditions improve. Allow your storm damage expert to make the call after a thorough inspection and mitigation appointment. Addressing small problems now can help prevent more serious and more costly issues down the road, whether you need shingle replacement, gutter repair or replacement, siding replacement, attic leak correction, or otherwise.

Contact The Modern Pros in Livonia, MI, to discuss your storm damage problems and get help right away.

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