Professional Roof Maintenance Tips for Spring

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Spring is the time of year when homeowners concentrate on their yard, flower beds, and general curb appeal. It’s essential, though, to make sure the condition of your roof is also part of your spring cleaning. Regular roof maintenance ensures that you aren’t blindsided by damage or moisture.

Do a Shingle Inspection

From the ground, a homeowner can see if there are missing, worn, or curling shingles. From the roof, however, a professional roofing contractor can see even more – cracked and worn shingles, loose nails, or large areas of damage and identify roof repairs. Another sometimes unexpected but legitimate concern is mold. Moisture hits the top of your home first and it is common for mold to grow after an especially snowy, wet winter. Allow areas like this to sit unattended and problems will develop quickly.

Schedule a Gutter Cleaning

Gutter cleanliness has everything to do with the health of your roof. Though you might not have trees surrounding your house, debris builds up in the gutters and downspouts no matter what. Leaves, dirt, and other debris clog gutters when seasonal maintenance is absent, and these problems can turn into water backup on the roof which causes leaks.

Check Attic Insulation

Ice dams can grow on the roof from built up snow and ice and blocked gutters. Drainage problems follow and the melting process can lead to major damage to your roof and very quickly. Believe it or not, your attic insulation helps ward off such a problem by preventing the heat in your home from escaping through the roof. Examining attic insulation is an essential part of spring roof maintenance and a roofing contractor who also specializes in attic insulation and proper ventilation will keep your roof in good condition and reduce moisture.

Manage Nearby Trees

It’s not only full gutters that you have to worry about when you have trees alongside your house. Leaves, sticks, and branches fall on the roof too. Allow these larger items or piles to collect on the roof and they are likely to contribute to the growth of moss or algae. If you trim tall trees regularly so they do not hang over your roof, you can prevent this problem from developing at all, and prevent pests like squirrels from having easy access to your roof and soffits.

Replace Caulk

The flashing around your chimney and vent pipes is in place to prevent water from leaking into your home. It is a good idea to have the flashing inspected annually and the caulk replaced as needed so it does not have the chance to peel away in any areas or be washed or blown away by the elements. This is a simple repair, but it’s a good idea to call on an expert to get the work done to ensure thoroughness and safety.

Schedule a Roof Maintenance Appointment in Detroit

Wind and rain are the hallmarks of a healthy spring, and after a winter of snow and ice, it’s important to make sure your roof is in tip-top shape to manage the weather ahead. Get professionals on site to review the health of your roof and save you from major structural complications by identifying and carrying out necessary repairs. Contact The Modern Pros to schedule a roof maintenance appointment.

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