Hire a Roofing Company to Remove Snow from Your Roof

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Not every city gets the Buffalo kind of snow, with 5’ to 6’ of the white stuff falling fast and lying heavily on rooftops. But Detroit and its neighbors have their own snow problems to reckon with every year and it’s natural to be concerned about significant snowfalls and what they could do to the roof of your home. Restrain yourself from climbing up there and checking out the damage yourself. Rely on a roofing company after a major snowstorm to remove snow from your roof, if necessary

Problems That Can Result from a Homeowner Cleaning Snow Off the Roof

There are all sorts of complications that can arise if you attempt to clean off the roof of your own home, most notably:

  • Injury: A roof is difficult enough to walk on in the best of circumstances. If you aren’t a roofing expert and do not have the right equipment to keep you safe, you risk slipping and sliding on snow and ice and setting yourself up for a fall and bodily harm.
  • Ice dams: Some homeowners attempt to clear snow from the edges of the roof but this move can lead to ice dams and roof leaks. If a roof is properly insulated, an ice dam should not form, but messing with an area of your home that you are unfamiliar with could result in disaster.
  • Roof damage: If you try to get around on a snowy roof without a lot of visibility or the right equipment, you could easily step in the wrong place, put your foot through a skylight, or knock off shingles. Then you’ll need roof repairs along with snow removal.

Do You Really Have to Remove Snow from Your Roof?

Some snow can actually be a good thing for your home. A light, gentle layer of snow can offer insulation which can lower your heating bill a tiny bit. Snow can protect your home from bitterly cold temps. So when is the snow you’re dealing with too much snow?

  • Many roof warranties recommend that snow be shoveled off a roof before it reaches a maximum snow depth of 2’.
  • If you consult with a snow removal company, they may recommend not going past 6” of snow to prevent ice dams.
  • A slanted roof could safely support up to 2’ to 4’ of snow accumulation.
  • The average roof can support about 20 pounds of snow per square inch.
  • Some areas of the country that are prone to snow may have roofs that are designed to manage heavier snow loads – ask your roofing contractor for confirmation.

Ultimately, the choice to have your snow professionally removed from your home depends on your home, the condition your roof is in, the angles of the roof, how the snow lays, and whether the temperature is going to increase exponentially within the next 24 hours.

Get Snow Professionally Removed from Your Roof

The best rule of thumb is to assume that if you have over a foot of wet, heavy snow and ice on your roof, you should call a roofing company to remove it. The Modern Pros are headquartered in Livonia, MI, and serve Detroit and the neighboring areas. We provide reliable, professional roofing work to all our clients in every season of the year. Contact us for a thorough estimate and professional, reliable service.

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