5 Signs It’s Time to Invest in Exterior Painting for Your Home

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The exterior painting on your home is about appearances, of course, but it also goes a long way to protecting your home too. A thorough painting job keeps moisture at bay, prevents mold and mildew, and – if you’re having your siding painted – prolongs the life of the siding. If you’re wondering whether it’s time to call the pros, here are just some of the signs your home is ready for a new paint job.

1. The Paint Is Fading

Nothing makes a house look worn and old faster than fading paint. When the vibrancy of your house color isn’t there anymore, it’s time to invest in a brightening up for the entire home. Remember, dark paints fade more quickly than light paints, so choose a paint color strategically. Exterior painting experts can help you with selection.

2. You’re Selling Your Home

When you’re prepping your home for sale, you want to make the most impactful yet affordable upgrades to increase curb appeal. Exterior painting delivers. You only get one chance to make a first impression. Whether that impression occurs through an online listing or in person, potential buyers will either be drawn to the structure or turned off. They will form an opinion within seconds, and it will be influenced by a new paint job or an old one. Buyers notice all the details.

3. There Are Noticeable Gaps or Shrunken Areas

It might feel like an optical illusion when you look at your house and see what seems like shrinking boards, but this effect can occur with age. If there are gaps between the boards this is a potential sign of dry rot – when moisture gets into the wood. Have a professional assess the damage and make recommendations about whether exterior painting is your best choice going forward or if vinyl siding installation is the most effective plan.

4. The Paint Is Worn

Sometimes it’s pretty clear that the exterior painting job on your home is wearing out. The elements take a toll on your home and can lead to paint that cracks, bubbles, or peels. Poor application of the initial paint job can lead to similar problems, and dry rot and mold can also cause serious breakdown of the exterior paint. You never want to ignore these drawbacks – they will only lead to bigger problems later.

5. It’s Time

One of the best things you can do for any part of your house is stay on top of upkeep. You don’t have to wait for a problem to occur before you address exterior painting – it’s better if you don’t wait so you avoid costly repairs along with a basic paint job. Your exterior painting expert may recommend a paint job every five to 10 years, depending on the quality of the previous paint job and the type of material on your home, whether wood, aluminum, or stucco.

Get Exterior Painting in Southeast Michigan

Fresh exterior painting is an excellent way to beautify and strengthen your home. Contact The Modern Pros in Southeast Michigan to schedule a consultation and discover what options are best for your goals and budget.

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