4 Things Your Roof Is Trying to Tell You

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Sometimes there are obvious signs that you need a new roof, but if we aren’t paying attention, we can miss the obvious. It’s easy to overlook the health of your home’s roof when there are things happening inside your house that demand attention but, if you prioritize the condition of your roof, you’ll be thankful you took the time to be observant and invest in roof replacement or repairs.

What Your Roof Is Saying: “I’m old.”
The Big Clue:
You’ve lived in your home for a decade or more without any roof maintenance.

Eventually, every roof needs to be replaced. Constant exposure to sun and the elements wears on a roof. Even though most asphalt shingles can last for two to three decades, there is a life expectancy and it’s important to know the age of your roof so you can make an educated decision about when it’s time for an inspection and roof replacement.

What Your Roof Is Saying: “I’m damaged.”
The Big Clue: Loose, missing, or broken shingles, as well as sagging or drooping areas or light shining into the attic.

Shingles that come off in wind or storms or shingles that look cracked or peeling from the ground are not always signs that a new roof is necessary. It might just be a few loose shingles that need TLC in the form of roof repairs. However, if there is wear and tear throughout the roof, it’s time to plan for a roof replacement. One of the biggest concerns is spots that droop or sag, indicating that the roof decking support has been compromised and needs to be replaced immediately.

What Your Roof Is Saying: “I can’t fully protect you anymore.”
The Big Clue: Your energy bill is rising.

Tired of paying more, and more, and more for your home energy bills? It’s not just an economy thing, it’s very likely a roof thing. When your home is poorly insulated, it’s a sign of a failing roof and this leads to the loss of heat or air conditioning. If there aren’t any obvious reasons why your utility bill is going up, it’s time to consult with a roofing expert about roof replacement.

What Your Roof Is Saying: “I’m leaking.”
The Big Clue: You see moisture issues inside your home.

A roof can hold its own for a while once its condition is compromised but eventually your home will suffer the side effects of damage or deterioration – leaks. When a roof is in poor condition, moisture damage is a major sign, but you need an expert to determine where the leaks are really coming from (could be the roof or it could be a window or the chimney or the siding). Signs of moisture problems include moisture in the attic insulation, water stains on the roof boards, or condensation in the attic area.

Contact a Roof Expert to Interpret What Your Roof Is Trying to Tell You

You aren’t expected to know when your roof is reaching the end of its lifespan. The roofing experts at The Modern Pros in Southeast Michigan will do an inspection to determine whether the problems you’re having outside and inside your home are a result of a compromised roof, and make a recommendation for roof repairs or roof replacement. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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