4 Smart Home Improvement Projects

smart home improvement projects the modern pros michigan

It can be a challenge to choose the home upgrade that will give you the biggest return for your investment. You want to know, after all, that whatever changes you opt for will make your home a stronger, healthier, more attractive place. You can’t go wrong with any of the following home improvement projects.

1. New Roof Installation

The performance and longevity of a roof is determined by the quality of the shingles, waterproofing underlayment, ventilation, and accessory shingles. A new roof installation can also include elements that improve performance or appearance, such as new gutters and gutter guards, skylights, or upgraded attic insulation. It’s essential to prioritize this kind of home improvement project to ensure that you are living under a covering that is built to last.

2. Siding Upgrade

Home siding is designed to last for a very long time, but if you live in an older residence or your home has suffered under the wind and weight of weather, siding can suffer greatly. Vinyl siding upgrades done with Mastic siding offer a virtually maintenance-free exterior, whether you’re repairing or replacing siding. Siding is as important as your roof and prevents damage to the home’s interior and stops water seeping behind the siding.

3. Home Window Tinting

Plenty of homeowners are investing in designer sunglasses for their home windows, also known as home window tinting. This thin film is applied to the inside of a window and block out or enhance heat and light per your preference. But the really big benefits include UV protection, glare reduction, increased privacy, improved security, and, of course, a cost-efficient alternative to energy-efficient windows.

4. Gutter Enhancement

Clogged, leaky, or overflowing gutters are an eyesore by themselves, but any ignored gutters also threaten the foundation, siding, and roofing of a home. It’s tough to keep gutters clean when you’re faced with fall foliage and the many elements of a Michigan winter, so a wise move is shifting to seamless gutters and gutter protection. A continuous hanging system practically eliminates maintenance, handles the heaviest rainfall, is resistant to snow and pests, and keeps leaves and debris out of the gutters.

The Timeline for Home Improvement

Most home improvement projects follow a similar timeline, including the rescission period when paperwork is processed. From there a start date is established, home access is clarified, materials are delivered, installation occurs, and final inspection completes the job. It’s a relief to work with a crew that understands the ins and outs of home improvement and what a homeowner needs and expects from every job.

Comprehensive Home Improvement Options from The Modern Pros

Trust The Modern Pros to fulfill the unique needs for your home, inside and out. We are dedicated to using the best materials and delivering complete, customized work at a fair price. Contact The Modern Pros in Livonia, MI, to discuss what you envision or need for your home and schedule an estimate.

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