4 Reasons It Pays to Upgrade Wall Insulation

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If you live in new construction, it’s natural to assume that all is well. In fact, you probably assume that all is just about perfect. As it turns out, there is one major area that could be lacking – wall insulation. Owners of older homes may suspect that their aging residence has a problem with heating and cooling and point fingers at the HVAC system when, in fact, insulation is the culprit.

1. Preserve the Life of Your HVAC

It’s easy to assume that when you have a heating and cooling problem in your home, it’s because of your HVAC. For many homeowners, it often ends up that subpar insulation is to blame. When you upgrade wall insulation, outside elements are prevented from seeping in and the HVAC doesn’t have to work so hard in winter or summer to warm or cool your house, preserving the life of the unit and saving you from a pricey replacement.

2. Form a Better Barrier

Do you have noisy neighbors? Can you hear every car that passes by your house? Do temperatures feel extreme along your walls? Insufficient wall insulation can let a lot of unwanted temperatures and sounds into your home, but it is always possible to beef up what’s already there and improve the barriers you have to the outside.

Most homes do not have enough insulation, whether they are older construction or a modern build. In fact, it can feel like a window or door is always open, letting in the elements, when really there is simply a gap in insulation quality and quantity.

3. Decrease Utility Costs

When you have to rely on your HVAC less, you can decrease utility costs across the board. One simple solution – upgraded wall insulation or attic insulation – delivers a major difference in the feel of your home. The function of your heating and cooling unit will be spared and a minimal reliance on artificial heating and cooling automatically decreases utility costs, not to mention increasing interior comfort levels.

4. Improve Energy Efficiency

Whether you are looking to go green with your home, or simply want to have more efficient systems across the board, you can boost your efforts with enhanced wall insulation. When insulation is balanced, it makes unseen but valuable upgrades to the operation of a home. Improved insulation helps maintain temperature, boosts air quality, minimizes irritants, and improves energy efficiency. You will have better humidity control, save energy, and improve heating and cooling efficiency.

Upgrade Your Home with Wall Insulation

Adding to existing insulation is a weatherizing investment that protects your home every day of the year. Cost-effective wall insulation is customized for your home and makes all the difference in how it feels to live in your home.

The Modern Pros serve the Detroit area and regularly inspect homes and diagnose insulation leaks and insufficiencies. Find out what your home might need to improve its performance. Contact us to schedule a free project estimate.

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