How do I protect my roofing investment?

How to Protect Your Roofing Investment

Did you know that CertainTeed shingles not only carry a lifetime warranty but they are warrantied against wind damage up to 110 mph? The CertainTeed lines that we carry are among the best of the best when it comes to quality roofing. One thing that most homeowners don’t know, is that a roof is more than just the shingles. When you purchase a new roof, you’re more than likely purchasing an entire roofing system. If you’re lucky, you’ll only have to replace your roof once so it’s no surprise that most homeowners don’t know the parts that make up their roof.


When you’re shopping for a new roof you’ll gather your estimates from a few different Michigan roofing contractors. You’ll read the reviews, consider their products, reputation and then compare the prices. Often you’ll find that prices can be all over the map. Why is this? How can one company offer a roof so cheaply?

Consider the following estimates:



  • New Company (no physical address)
  • CertainTeed Shingles
  • Full tear-off roof
  • Flimsy contract, no specified labor warranty, material allowance.


  • Big name company, lots of advertising
  • CertainTeed Shingles
  • Full tear-off roof
  • Confusing contract with high pressure salesman, no specified labor warranty, material allowance.


  • Almost 25 years word of mouth business
  • CertainTeed Shingles + full Integrity Roof System
  • Full tear-off roof
  • Clearcut contract, material allowance, labor warranty.
  • Actually offers a LIFETIME WARRANTY

If your roofing company hasn’t been in business long enough to establish that they’re going to be around if you ever need to make a service call, you may want to reconsider. Do they have a physical address? Can you visit them in person? The biggest complaint that homeowners have is that fly-by-night roofing contractors don’t stand behind their work. You may wonder, if all three companies are installing the same shingles, why are the prices so different? Because chances are they’re short changing you on the components of your roofing system, cutting corners, hiring unskilled subcontractors or maybe all of the above.



Often when a homeowner calls us about a roof leak, its’s not the shingle that has failed them. It’s a part of their roof system, improper installation or deferred maintenace. A superior roof is stronger than the sum of its parts. A quality roofing system involves the underlayments, shingles, accessory products, and ventilation all working together. Day after day, year after year.

At Modern Xterior, we call that the Integrity Roof System. The Integrity Roof System is designed to provide optimum performance — no matter how bad weather conditions are. After all, better quality shingles mean longer-lasting roofs. Add in underlayment and accessory products, and you’ve got a roof system that really works. When you choose an Integrity Roof System you gain the advantage of having CertainTeed as your single manufacturing source to stand behind its roof system components. If different brands of products are installed on your roof, then you do not gain the full value of a complete roof system. Insist upon the Integrity Roof System and get the ultimate in roof performance!


Hip & Ridge Accessories
Accessory shingles are used to finish the hips and ridges of the
roof and are designed to complement the appearance of CertainTeed shingles.

CertainTeed Ridge Vent
CertainTeed ridge vents combined with sufficient intake vents, such as CertainTeed Intake Vents, are the most effective ventilation system.


CertainTeed Shingles
High-quality shingles available in a wide variety of styles and colors, covered by the strongest warranty in the business.

Roofers’ Select® or Diamond Deck® High-performance underlayment
Provides a protective water-resistant layer over the roof deck and a secondary barrier against leaks.

WinterGuard® Waterproofing shingle underlayment
Prevents leaks from wind-driven
rain and ice dams in vulnerable areas.

Starter Shingles
Starter shingles are designed to work specifically with each different type of CertainTeed shingle for maximum performance.

Flat Roofs
CertainTeed Flintlastic® roofing
products are also available
for flat roof areas.


But what about those warranties?
Yes, CertainTeed has one of the best shingle warranties in the business. They cover manufacturing defects on their products. You know what they do not cover? Your installer buying cheap underlayment. Nailing shingles improperly. Or any other of the 100s of issues we’re called out to fix every day.


There are 2 types of warranties, Material -and- Labor. You want to not only make sure you’re having the absolute best products installed backed by industry leading warranties like the Integrity System, but you want a roofing contractor like Modern Xterior that stands behind their work.


There are a lot of options when it comes to deciding how to move forward with your roofing project. The short answer to How do I protect my roofing investment? is simple: hire a Pro. 

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