4 Things to Know About Vinyl Siding Installation

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It’s easy to assume that vinyl siding is straightforward and pretty much exactly what you see – but it’s not. There is a lot going on with this product and homeowners and business owners who are weighing the idea of a fresh vinyl siding installation have some decisions to make. Here are just some of the things to know and consider about vinyl siding.

Vinyl siding is an incredibly common choice of siding among homeowners and business owners. The biggest reason is the affordability of the product, but also ease of upkeep. Other than annual power washings to keep your abode looking clean and shiny, there isn’t any major maintenance required after your vinyl siding installation.

2. Versatile

Just because you and your neighbor and your other neighbor and all your neighbors have vinyl siding, that doesn’t mean your homes will blend or look the same. There are so many options for style, size, and color of siding so you can get the appearance you want without mimicking anyone around you (and still satisfying any neighborhood homeowner association rules, if you have them).

3. Comfortable

Yes, vinyl siding is about comfort. High-quality Mastic siding products from Ply Gem vinyl offer up maintenance-free materials (no painting ever!). That’s a win for any  homeowner who doesn’t want to think about the exterior walls of their home any more than necessary. These products also deliver a host of colors, styles, and textures and insulated foam for energy efficiency (stay warm in winter and cool in summer) or SolarDefense Reflective Technology to prevent fading (especially if you choose a dark color of siding).

4. Aesthetically Pleasing

Every homeowner has different likes and preferences – and that extends to siding. When you opt for new vinyl siding, you give yourself access to the world and everything in it because the options, well, they just don’t seem to end.

  • If you prefer traditional: Talk to your siding contractor about clapboard, traditional lap, or Dutch lap styles. These horizontal boards can be narrow or flat, wide or curved to deliver a shadow effect and the traditional siding appearance.
  • If you want to fake people out: It’s fun to decorate your home with a siding that doesn’t look like what it really is. Wood grain siding makes it possible to create the illusion of a wood-clad home without the real upkeep required of a wood home.
  • If you love a modern look: Some people are keen on the idea of mid-century modern which is so old it’s new again. Smooth siding delivers that look of clean lines without obvious texture.
  • If you’re all about being different: Prefer to stand out rather than blend in? Time to learn about board and batten vertical siding, which offer up a distinctive, eye-catching, rustic look. Or consider half-round siding with a scalloped design for that Victorian-ish, cake frosting-ish vibe.

No matter the size, style, or design of your home, there is a vinyl siding installation that will suit your needs. Sometimes a combination of siding styles deliver that unique look you’re craving. Contact The Modern Pros in Southeast Michigan to schedule a consultation.

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