4 Signs of a Bad Roofing Job

signs of a bad roofing job modern pros

A new roof is a major home investment. You want to trust that the company you’ve hired to replace the cover on your home has done a good job, or maybe you were told that the home you just purchased has a roof that is meant to last. But then weird things begin to happen, and you start to wonder if you are the victim of a bad roofing job. Here are some of the signs.

1. It rains – and your roof leaks.

A light drizzle might not produce any problems in your home, but if the first substantial rain causes your roof to leak, you might be living under a bad roofing job. First, don’t panic. Water coming through your ceiling is a big deal and you want the problem corrected immediately, but this occurrence doesn’t indicate that the entire roof is bad. Poor flashing or missing nails – common human errors – could be behind the problem.

2. The roof looks uneven.

Poor roof installation can result in a non-uniform appearance. From the ground, it may look like there are waves, bumps, or ripples in sections of the roof, and you may chalk these up to how sunlight hits the shingles or your vantage point from the ground, but don’t doubt your suspicions. Roofing aesthetics matter because poor installation is behind bad cosmetics and could cause problems down the road. This unevenness in the roof may occur because of nails driven in poorly or cut corners.

3. There is poor attic ventilation.

An improperly ventilated attic is a big deal and affects the life of a roof. If ventilation is poorly done, both hot and cold air trapped in the attic will shorten the roof’s lifespan. You may not notice this discrepancy if you never go in your attic, but qualified roofing contractors evaluate the condition of an attic before roofing jobs begin so they know how to address existing ventilation problems.

Too much hot air can lead to deteriorating adhesives in the decking material or cause shingles to curl or crack. If there is too much trapped cold air, when it mixes with heat and moisture form inside the home condensation occurs, causing swelling of the roofing materials and waviness.

4. Old roofing materials are not replaced.

You can’t build anything solid on a poor foundation, and that includes a new roof. When a roof’s decking – the wooden boards under the roof – are not tested for strength and condition before the new roof is installed, a bad roofing job is likely to follow. Rotten decking that is not replaced can cause a sagging roof because the wood can’t handle the weight of the materials. The rotten components are also a risk of mold and mildew problems for residents.

Avoid a Bad Roofing Job

You’ll know for certain whether you got a bad roofing job if the company who did the work does not take responsibility for the problem when you report it. Reputable roofing companies stand behind their efforts and come out to find and fix problems immediately. If there are cosmetic or functional problems, professional roofers will own them and fix them, so homeowners don’t have to worry about the security of their home.

You don’t have to worry about a bad roofing job with The Modern Pros. Contact us for a thorough estimate and professional, reliable service.

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