What Happens If I Don’t Clean My Gutters?

Are you growing a small forest in your gutters? When it rains does water spill from the sides of your gutters? Is water backing up in your home? Do you find yourself wondering, what's the worst than can happen if I don't get out there and clean them?

Most homeowners know that they need to keep their gutters clean, but not many know exactly what can happen when clogged gutters go unchecked for too long. Seasons in Michigan can wreak havoc on old, worn or sagging gutters. From the Winter ice dams to Fall foliage, most Michigan homeowners can’t catch a break. Cleaning out gutters might seem like a menial task, but failure to do so can cause major problems for a home. From foundation damage to roof leaks, clogged gutters can lead to expensive repairs when left untreated. Here are a few damaging side effects of dirty gutters.


Fascia boards that hold your gutter system are often made of wood. When debris builds up in your gutters, clogs cause water to build up in your gutters. The water build up causes wooden fascias to deteriorate and rot pretty quickly. Even worse, if your home is wood and/or has wooden siding, the water backup can cause expensive damage to the structure of your home.


Did you know that Modern Xterior can provide a maintenance free way to protect your wooden fascias? We can wrap vulnerable wood in aluminum to match your home’s siding and create a modern and worry-free exterior for you.

Michigan winters aren’t kind to gutters, during the coldest months ice dams can form on your gutters or the lower edge of your roof. Ice dams cause water to pool and eventually seep into the home. Clogged gutters prevent water from draining, which increases the chance for ice dams.  The weight of winter ice dams can cause your gutters to sag or fall from your home. Are your gutters squeaky clean but you’re still experiencing winter ice dams? Your home’s insulation may be to blame.


Water is a home’s worst enemy. The job of a well maintained gutter system is to whisk water away from your home. A clogged gutter stops your gutter system from working and too often allows water to pour over the sides of your gutters. Over time, this water builds up around the foundation of your home causing mold, cracks and in some cases, foundation collapse.


Foundation damage can be caused by more than just rain overflow. Are your downspouts endangering your foundation?  Make sure that your downspouts extend well beyond the perimeter of your home. You can purchase an extender inexpensively at a home improvement store. Placing pavers, stones or concrete around the perimeter under downspouts can also create better drainage and prevent water from invading your home.

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