The Benefits of Working with a Full-Service Contractor

full-service contractor the modern pros livonia michigan

When you need multiple upgrades or improvements for your home, the thought of trying to find multiple professionals to complete the work is daunting. You may even put off the tasks because you simply don’t want to deal with the hunt for an experienced pro. If you find yourself in this situation, a full-service contractor […]

Welcome Spring with Roof Maintenance

spring roof maintenance the modern pros southeast michigan

Spring is the time of year for exterior upgrades and beautifying your property. While mulch, flowers, and shrubbery are essential elements, so too is increasing the curb appeal of your home’s actual structure. And that means prioritizing your roof – not only its appearance but its function and stability. With a roof maintenance appointment, the […]

4 Smart Home Improvement Projects

smart home improvement projects the modern pros michigan

It can be a challenge to choose the home upgrade that will give you the biggest return for your investment. You want to know, after all, that whatever changes you opt for will make your home a stronger, healthier, more attractive place. You can’t go wrong with any of the following home improvement projects. 1. […]

5 Ways to Show Your Roof some Love

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Every time of year is a good time to show your roof some love, but Valentine’s Day offers a great reminder that this especially cold, snowy, icy season is the right time to prioritize your home’s top shield. One extreme weather incident can cause major damage, for instance, but the results might not be visible. […]

Repairing Your Home After Seasonal Storm Damage

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Michigan winters can be brutal. Residents expect cold, snow, and ice – many welcome all of it – but no one wants to be on the receiving end of Mother Nature’s bad mood. There is plenty of destruction in the wake of winter weather and seasonal storm damage could leave you needing emergency repairs on […]

Be Alert for Potential January Roofing Problems

roofing problems january modern pros michigan

January in Michigan is an expected phenomenon for long-time residents. From extreme snow to ice and heavy winds to freezing temps, your home takes the brunt of all the winter elements – and sometimes it does not emerge the victor. Keep watch on your roof, siding, and gutters so you can get help from a […]

5 Reasons to Always Hire a Pro for Asbestos Removal

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Modern construction does not typically include asbestos but, at the height of its use, which faded out around the 1970s, asbestos served as a reliable form of insulation and fire retardant. If you have an older home or commercial building and suspect that it could contain asbestos, rely on an asbestos removal and abatement expert […]

6 Reasons Home Window Tinting Is a Good Idea

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Natural lighting is one of the most important features in a home or office. But what do you do if there’s a little too much light? If there isn’t quite enough privacy? If the light is drowning out your belongings and your entire space? Home window tinting is all you need to develop a clever […]

4 Things a Michigan Roofing Specialist Can Tell You

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Let’s face it, most people don’t know much about what’s happening on their roof. You might see things fall to the ground or notice some odd bumps or holes, and these are clear indications that problems exist, but only a Michigan roofing specialist can tell you for certain what is going down up there – […]

Drainage Problems? Time to Check Gutter Downspouts

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Homeowners know when something isn’t right with their gutter downspouts. Drainage issues caused by wear and tear, poor installation, pests, roofing issues, and severe weather can lead to serious complications like gushing water, sagging gutters, leaks, and interior damage. Your entire home is threatened by poorly operating gutter downspouts. Gutter Downspouts and Drainage Problems If […]