7 Siding Installation Tips from a Michigan Siding Contractor

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Siding damage or worn-out siding is stressful for any homeowner. The cover of your entire home is a major investment, but getting the right products from the right Michigan siding contractor will ease your mind so you feel better about the longevity of your siding going forward. Here are just some tips to get you […]

4 Things to Know About Vinyl Siding Installation

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It’s easy to assume that vinyl siding is straightforward and pretty much exactly what you see – but it’s not. There is a lot going on with this product and homeowners and business owners who are weighing the idea of a fresh vinyl siding installation have some decisions to make. Here are just some of […]

5 Reasons Not to Slack on Siding Repairs

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Being a homeowner is not always easy. You’re proud of your home, but you’re also stressed out by the things that can happen to it and the expenses that can arise. When something disturbs your house siding, it’s tempting to wait as long as you can to get any repairs, but siding repairs should be […]

5 Common Causes of Siding Damage

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House siding does the important job of protecting your house from the elements, and it works hard at this task daily. Sun, wind, rain, snow – Mother Nature does her thing and eventually she will have far more power than siding. But weather problems aren’t the only threat to your home’s exterior. Recognize the most […]

Yes You Can Paint Siding

If new siding isn’t in your budget, don’t let that stop you from updating your home’s curb appeal. Check out this before and after, we repainted the home’s siding using Sherwin Williams Duration exterior paint in Dovetail Gray. The effect is a stunning and updated exterior.

Increase Your Home’s Curb Appeal with the Right Siding

Whether you’re considering selling your home or you just want to update the exterior for a brand new look to your home, siding and shake are a great way to give your home the kind of facelift that turns heads. But what siding is best? Is there a difference from one style to the next? Can I have my wooden siding painted? What colors of vinyl siding are available? What are my options?