What is a fascia?

You may have heard your roofing or gutter contractor mention a fascia and you found yourself asking….what is a fascia?

what is a fascia Fascia (/ˈfʃə/) is an architectural term for a frieze or band running horizontally and situated vertically under a roof edge, or which forms the outer surface of a cornice, visible to an observer. Typically consisting of a wooden board or sheet metal that gutters can be attached to.

The word fascia derives from Latin “fascia” meaning “band, bandage, ribbon, swathe”. The term is also used, although less commonly, for other such band-like surfaces like a wide, flat trim strip around a doorway, different and separate from the wall surface.

The horizontal “fascia board” which caps the end of rafters outside a building may be used to hold the rain gutter. The finished surface below the fascia and rafters is called the soffit or eave.

In classical architecture, the fascia is the plain, wide band across the bottom of the entablature, directly above the columns.

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